Welcome to InventPad


InventPad wants to bring together a community of inventors with similar goals, who can support and guide each other with answers and advice. Inventing a new product can be days of long and lonely problem solving so together we can move forward quicker. This forum will help with prototyping methods like starting an invention or gaining customer feedback to the technical details like a challenging CAD task or complicated 3D print.

Find out more about InventPad here: https://www.inventpad.com.au

  • Who is it for?
    Inventors, entrepreneurs, hardware startups, designers, engineers, makers and students.

  • What can you find here?
    Answers to problems, interesting discussions, new tech and tools.
    Typical categories are: Prototype design methods, 3D printing, CAD, Electronics, Customer feedback, Design brief, Starting an invention, Manufacturing techniques, Materials help and much more.

  • Why should you come here?
    To meet like minded individuals and support each other to make your prototype design and inventing easier. Seek advice and answers, share advice and answers :smile: